~ like ~ Yoon Seung Ah for Vogue Girl May 2012

the weather is really gloomy today (--〆)”

um, just a quick share today 

photos from Vogue Girl Korea May 2012

just love everything from the shoot!
the theme, the clothing, the make-up .

sitting still like a doll (my favorite)

do you like them too?

enjoy your weekend ! 


~ like ~ Alice/ Něco z Alenky

i remember growing up reading children's stories and fairy-tales; watching disney and fairy-tales movies ♡♡
my mum has this really huge, super-thick aged story book containing thousands pages and hundreds of fairy-tales that i love to read over and over. it is the most amazing book you wanna read. i think the book is kept hidden somewhere back at home now. and i'm going to unfold the pages again someday soon.

even though i have been reading and watching lots of happily-ever-after which i love to; i'm also fascinated by the peculiar  adaptation of these stories where the sweetness are striped away by giving them a touch of darkness and fear. possibly uncanny too.

these iconic tales have always been an inspiration and references to the artists.

and i would like to share one today ♡
an adaptation of Alice's Adventure in Wonderland.

in fact, i have been looking for this particular adaptation and i finally found it ! ( ´∀`)
how i came across to this film? that was many years ago in uni-days when i watched it during class. i was very impressed with this version of that it keeps lingering in my mind all these years (´-`)



Alice (original Czech title is Něco z Alenky, which means 'Something from Alice')is a 1988 film directed by Jan Švankmajer, a Czech filmmaker and artist. This is one of the earlier bizarre version of adaptation from Lewis Carroll's infamous story, and to mention the latest adaptation would be Tim Burton's in 2010


have you watched it?

this particular version is an unusual spin where it explored the fears of children's dreams and imaginations.

you could also find Jan Švankmajer's territory throughout the scenes - he is recognized for his unique stop-motion technique and his capability to make the film surreal yet humorous.
living Alice

in this film, Alice's characteristic is slightly more haunting, in which her world is painted into a sinister theme.

varieties of stop-motion animated creatures had been employed throughout the film; even having Alice manifesting as a doll (when she became small)
doll Alice

still from the film

still from the film

these animated creatures have already invited us a reading of surreal manner; creating an ambiguous atmosphere between the living and the inanimate.

so if you are a lover of surrealism, this is one of the not-to-miss film, perhaps?

and i found the full length film in youtube (such excitement!)
sadly there is no subtitles but i wouldn't be too bothered,really o(≧▽≦)o

this film has such expressive images and scenes which actually takes you right through the storyline without much dialogues.

so if you are interested to watch it ♥

hope you enjoy it ♥


~ like ~ fur fur

introducing another japanese label  ~ furfur ~
the creative director behind this label is Koichi Chida.

behind the concept
fur fur ss12 photo by keita sawa
my interpretation
"a fondness towards incomplete and ephemeral things, the elegance found within tattered and distorted clothing。 creating clothing filled with emotion, with a sense of naturalness。 a desire to continue conveying this thought through the culture of fashion。"
i think this label was actually founded around 2005 under the brand name 'FUR Label' and had its first tokyo collection debut in 2007♪♪
the name was changed the following year in 2008 to what people know nowadays ~ 'furfur'. from what i have learn from its website, furfur did and still does a lot of collaborations with other well-known labels; not forgetting to mention a few like UGG, The North Face and Lee.

the latest collection from fur fur is autumn/winter 2012-13; which is very much inspired by the 1920s silhouette.

fur fur autumn/winter 2012-13

fur fur autumn/winter 2012-13

this particular collection is slightly different from what was created previously; powerful maybe? i guess it was the choice of fabrications and minimalism uses of its trademark laces and layers; together with the styling which is emphasized through the drop-waists belted look.
just in case you are wondering about 1920s fashion, it's also called the flapper-look (emerged around the mid 20s), or 'garçonne' as the French called. Flat chest, short cropped sleek hair along with a shift dress length just below the knee with lower waistline. this typical boyish-look suggested the enhancing of a new ideal feminine beauty without curves, which was also later pioneered by Coco Chanel.

fur fur spring/summer 2012

fur fur's collection shows on stages are often being exaggerated; usually overwhelmed with extreme and conceptual styling through headpieces, layers and of course the ambiance/background music of the stage - undeniably showing another expression of the clothing.
fur fur spring/summer 2012

fur fur spring/summer 2012

it took me some time finding the other photos and figuring out which pieces belong to which (ノ∀`)

in 2010, a sub-label was created ~ YOiM ~

fur fur X YOiM autumn 2012
fur fur X YOiM autumn 2012

fur fur X YOiM summer 2012
fur fur X YOiM summer 2012

here is a video about fur fur spring/summer 2010 backstage, and designer talking about her inspiration for the collection, it's been translated in english (*´ω`*)”

(collections image courtesy from tokyo mercedes benz fashionweek)
(look books image courtesy from zozotown)

visit fur fur homepage if you are interested to view its collection shows video ♡
it's anzac day tomorrow here in australia so happy holiday to you-who-is-from australia ♪♪
hope you like it ! !


~ like ~ Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals

my fashion style.
i considered myself quite diverse in choices;
either it be soft feminine or hard funky look

i was obsessed with punk years ago and chose to write a thesis about it back in my study years, now talked about vivienne westwood - the queen of punk (;_;)” 
(but i had never dressed like one.. even though i would like to, maybe someday?)

maybe those funky hard rock style is the inner part of me;
but i choose to dress up more to the feminine look, otherwise?

what's your style?


just a short post cause i wanna get back on track with my pattern cutting ♪( ´▽`)

i never am quite a sporty person in dressing up but i would love to have a few pieces of these from Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals.
nowadays, sportswear are usually taken to the edge through collaboration with designers

i admit that i had never paid much attention to designer Jeremy Scott but he does have exceptional amazing works and ideas.

2NE1 for Adidas Original campaign

it was 2NE1(a korean pop group that sing amazingly good and i would highly recommend too!) that got me back to him. 
they would occasionally dressed up in his designs and what's more - a collaboration recently where Jeremy Scott had taken inspiration from their flamboyant music, personality and styles.

2NE1 for Adidas Original campaign
2NE1 for Adidas Original campaign

1st Look Magazine X Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals
1st Look Magazine X Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals

not everyone can pull his design off, but that's not the case for 2NE1 ♪♪

check out an exclusive interview for NYLON JAPAN;
Jeremy Scott showing his collaboration collection with Adidas Originals; talking about his ideas and favorites.


do you like them too?

hope you have a lovely weekend ♪♪

(image courtesy from Adidas Original and 1st Look Magazine)


~ inspiration ~ unruly

it's turning cooler here in Perth finally; autumn has arrived (supposedly?)

did some pattern-cutting yesterday (motivated day)
in front of my laptop today (oh-oh)

trying to do some layout change here and there but it didn't go smoothly as i thought 
i guess i'll finish up my last bit of pattern-cutting tomorrow?

exhibition 2010

introducing a japanese label  ~ unruly ~
founded in 2007
the designer behind this label is Yuta Kikuchi.

photoshoot for collection
behind the concept
"たとえば絵画 たとえば音楽 たとえば文章 日々感じ 日々想う事を 僕の服で表現できると信じて"
i'm trying to interpret it and it means something like
"for example painting, for example music, for example writings; i believe that i could express them well through my clothing about my feelings and my thoughts day by day "

without a doubt, you can find him conveying his concept well through the unique name given to the pieces he made

autumn/winter 2012 is the most recent collection whereas i believe that they're holding exhibitions now and for the past few months





intricate-looking construction but drape just so beautifully on the body.

love it ♡♡
wish i owned one (´▽`)

they have shops/online shop generally based in japan... not so sure where-about for overseas

(image courtesy from unruly)


new layout ♡


i have changed my blog design , lighter and cleaner i suppose..?
autumn is coming and that's the reason why.
minimal autumn colors in a light background.

do you prefer this ?

~ like ~ Vogue Girl February 2012

i have been missing for the past few days so here is something fun to share hehe ٩ʕ•͡וʔ۶

.... ...
perhaps you are looking for a high profile look with your loved one? ♪♪

some styling tips extracted from Vogue Girl Feb2012 issue

(image courtesy from Vogue Girl Korea)

 coordinate look __ 
 sporty jumper


           coordinate look __ 
           trench coat

 coordinate look __ 
 stripes shirt


coordinate look __    indigo denim


 coordinate look __
 canvas satchel

      coordinate look __
      colorful shorts

  coordinate look __

   coordinate look __
   chambray shirt

ain't these photos too cute, not forgetting to mention - stylish too.

love it ♡ ♡

they all look good.

don't they?

~ like ~ HISUI

introducing a japanese label HISUI

HISUI was founded in 1999. the designer behind this is Hiroko Ito, and to fortify her background; she had worked for Comme des Garçons before stepping out.

as much as i love draping, layering is one of my favorite too. Hiroko Ito was assumed to be one of the first japanese designers who explored the prominent mix and match layered look for a single garment today (you will get what it means by looking at her collections)

her collections are somehow casual but yet with a feminine approach; with sophisticated and delicate details and cutting.

here are some images picked (´・ω・`)” from her last three collections. these are all my favorites ♡

SS12 collection 'feeling of melting'
SS12 collection 'feeling of melting'

AW11 collection 'MIRROR'
long baggy chunky socks ( ・ั﹏・ั; )” is very typical in japanese girls styling. 
reminds me of my old days wearing this thick socks - tucking it into boots, over jeans or leggings... hehe, memories, haven't been wearing any of these for years! they are still in my closet back in Melbourne, gotta pack them up when i go back hmm..

AW11 collection 'MIRROR'

the bright colorful knitwear in the middle is to die-for (;゜0゜)”! and there is an image movie in the end of my post about this collection.

... and lastly from her 2011 SS collection

SS11 collection 'feel a sign'

SS11 collection 'feel a sign'

... video!
an image movie from her AW11 collection "MIRROR"
just such a great experience watching it.

"we can express the feeling of self movement from heart with clothing." HISUI

hope you enjoy and love this!

interested to see more of her works?
visit her website