~ like ~ fur fur

introducing another japanese label  ~ furfur ~
the creative director behind this label is Koichi Chida.

behind the concept
fur fur ss12 photo by keita sawa
my interpretation
"a fondness towards incomplete and ephemeral things, the elegance found within tattered and distorted clothing。 creating clothing filled with emotion, with a sense of naturalness。 a desire to continue conveying this thought through the culture of fashion。"
i think this label was actually founded around 2005 under the brand name 'FUR Label' and had its first tokyo collection debut in 2007♪♪
the name was changed the following year in 2008 to what people know nowadays ~ 'furfur'. from what i have learn from its website, furfur did and still does a lot of collaborations with other well-known labels; not forgetting to mention a few like UGG, The North Face and Lee.

the latest collection from fur fur is autumn/winter 2012-13; which is very much inspired by the 1920s silhouette.

fur fur autumn/winter 2012-13

fur fur autumn/winter 2012-13

this particular collection is slightly different from what was created previously; powerful maybe? i guess it was the choice of fabrications and minimalism uses of its trademark laces and layers; together with the styling which is emphasized through the drop-waists belted look.
just in case you are wondering about 1920s fashion, it's also called the flapper-look (emerged around the mid 20s), or 'garçonne' as the French called. Flat chest, short cropped sleek hair along with a shift dress length just below the knee with lower waistline. this typical boyish-look suggested the enhancing of a new ideal feminine beauty without curves, which was also later pioneered by Coco Chanel.

fur fur spring/summer 2012

fur fur's collection shows on stages are often being exaggerated; usually overwhelmed with extreme and conceptual styling through headpieces, layers and of course the ambiance/background music of the stage - undeniably showing another expression of the clothing.
fur fur spring/summer 2012

fur fur spring/summer 2012

it took me some time finding the other photos and figuring out which pieces belong to which (ノ∀`)

in 2010, a sub-label was created ~ YOiM ~

fur fur X YOiM autumn 2012
fur fur X YOiM autumn 2012

fur fur X YOiM summer 2012
fur fur X YOiM summer 2012

here is a video about fur fur spring/summer 2010 backstage, and designer talking about her inspiration for the collection, it's been translated in english (*´ω`*)”

(collections image courtesy from tokyo mercedes benz fashionweek)
(look books image courtesy from zozotown)

visit fur fur homepage if you are interested to view its collection shows video ♡
it's anzac day tomorrow here in australia so happy holiday to you-who-is-from australia ♪♪
hope you like it ! !

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