~ like ~ Alice/ Něco z Alenky

i remember growing up reading children's stories and fairy-tales; watching disney and fairy-tales movies ♡♡
my mum has this really huge, super-thick aged story book containing thousands pages and hundreds of fairy-tales that i love to read over and over. it is the most amazing book you wanna read. i think the book is kept hidden somewhere back at home now. and i'm going to unfold the pages again someday soon.

even though i have been reading and watching lots of happily-ever-after which i love to; i'm also fascinated by the peculiar  adaptation of these stories where the sweetness are striped away by giving them a touch of darkness and fear. possibly uncanny too.

these iconic tales have always been an inspiration and references to the artists.

and i would like to share one today ♡
an adaptation of Alice's Adventure in Wonderland.

in fact, i have been looking for this particular adaptation and i finally found it ! ( ´∀`)
how i came across to this film? that was many years ago in uni-days when i watched it during class. i was very impressed with this version of that it keeps lingering in my mind all these years (´-`)



Alice (original Czech title is Něco z Alenky, which means 'Something from Alice')is a 1988 film directed by Jan Švankmajer, a Czech filmmaker and artist. This is one of the earlier bizarre version of adaptation from Lewis Carroll's infamous story, and to mention the latest adaptation would be Tim Burton's in 2010


have you watched it?

this particular version is an unusual spin where it explored the fears of children's dreams and imaginations.

you could also find Jan Švankmajer's territory throughout the scenes - he is recognized for his unique stop-motion technique and his capability to make the film surreal yet humorous.
living Alice

in this film, Alice's characteristic is slightly more haunting, in which her world is painted into a sinister theme.

varieties of stop-motion animated creatures had been employed throughout the film; even having Alice manifesting as a doll (when she became small)
doll Alice

still from the film

still from the film

these animated creatures have already invited us a reading of surreal manner; creating an ambiguous atmosphere between the living and the inanimate.

so if you are a lover of surrealism, this is one of the not-to-miss film, perhaps?

and i found the full length film in youtube (such excitement!)
sadly there is no subtitles but i wouldn't be too bothered,really o(≧▽≦)o

this film has such expressive images and scenes which actually takes you right through the storyline without much dialogues.

so if you are interested to watch it ♥

hope you enjoy it ♥

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