~ like ~ Sun Fei Fei for Vogue China September 2012

a lovely retro-twist wardrobe for autumn.
elegant knitwear in jewel toned shades.


fashion photographer _ lachlan bailey

stylist _ 
clare richardson

model _
sun fei fei

pointed-toes-shoes with socks.
i would definitely wear so.


Stranger to Ourselves ~ ambiancelook ~

arinakhoo ambiance

arinakhoo ambiance

arinakhoo ambiance

                         it is a stranger

                           representing you

                                                                                    and completing you

arinakhoo ambiance

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inspiration behind the shoot 

Stranger to Ourselves ~ lookbook ~

arinakhoo stranger
arinakhoo strangerarinakhoo stranger 

First Stage | Experience | 
'Suspended' Top and 'Suspended' Pants


Second Stage | Passion |  
'Suspend' Jacket and "Suspended Drape' Dress


Third Stage | Intimate |  
'Path' Top and 'Path' Skirt