~ like ~ Jun Takahashi and his Graces

Jun Takahashi is the talented creative japanese designer behind the cult label undercover.

was founded back in 1988 (a brand originated with his friend);
later established as a company/fashion house (not until six years later in 1994)

never have i came across to this label, not until the year when i watched one of his earlier collection in class (around the same time when i watch Alice). i have vague memory about which collection it was, nevertheless it was one of those remarkable show i had ever seen.

his approach to designing are very much influenced by music (very much !)

his works is indeed artistic, unique and self expressive.

his version of deconstruction/reconstruction is somehow anarchy - taking his cue from the punk (he was a lead singer from a punk band himself) ;as well as inspired by life's dark side.

but yet they come along well and are still so beautiful, sending message out through his collection.

just want to introduce his Graces if you haven't know so.
Grace is the name he gave to his dolls. 
doll-making in process

They are actually stuffed animal made by him and his teams (yes, doll-making is his hobby).


playful stuffed animal but yet quite haunting and surrealism - filled with his imagination and creativity.

they are large-scale creatures constructed from multiple cut-out parts of teddy bears, pearls, lace, light bulbs, wires ...


as unique or monstrous as they could be - Graces have multiple arms emerging out from body part and light bulbs supplanting onto their head; and 
as romantic or feminine as they could be - wearing vintage lace gowns and pearls.

Graces have indeed become an iconic symbol for him, prominently since his spring/summer 2009 collection.
spring summer 2009
Grace photo exhibiton in Dec 2008
doll-making performance in the Giardino di Boboli

an interview regarding his performance in the Giardino di Boboli

furthermore, he extended his experiment by travelling across japan; performing the doll-making with his team - taking its shape in front of the crowds; together with live soundtrack of electronic loud music or band on the background.

The Sound and The Fury performance across Japan

two limited edition fragrances was released in 2010 called Holygrace and Holygrapie.
perfume (( holygrace and holygrapie ))

here are videos from his doll-making performances

if you're interested in viewing more, visit his unofficial website

"The Graces spontaneously come out of me, genuinely, while making clothes is something more calculated, an entire process that requires teamwork. But doing both allows me to keep a balance in my creativity. Therefore, it makes sense to me to have everything linked." Jun Takahashi

(images courtesy from Jun Takahashi's blog)


t.a.t.t.o.o + t.i.g.h.t.s = ?

when you mentioned getting a tattoo, usually it means getting inked right? ouch !; and into your skin. 

if you're only looking for temporary tattoos; 
you've got the choice to get it painted or airbrushed onto your skin.
you could go for that fun-sticker tattoo.

the reason i mentioned tattoo is because it's such a huge trends between young girls in japan recently ( *`ω´) and i believe the trend is spreading everywhere at the moment.

but no, not getting inked, but getting a pair of tights, percisely; a tattoo tight ( ・∀・)!

i embrace tattoo as an art myself and even had a slight study on it many years ago.

right now; this self-expression art had been transformed into a fashion trend.

i know they are people who either love it or hate it.
i personally don't hate this trend. 
but i was really surprised when i first saw it. 
never would i thought of this coming out.

first ; plain tight → color tights → patterned tights ...
and now → tattoo tight

i should have realized that anything is possible nowadays (o・ω・)ノ))

tattoo tights are mostly sheer in color, thickness could go as low as 15 denier i believe; in other words, they are quite fragile and delicate.


you could find them either in simple monochrome color;

the illustrations or words do really look surreal in a quick glance.


or if you are more interested in these intricate colorful ones. 

i actually found one (with no much pattern choices) while browsing around in target last month and yes, i bought it! (//∇//)”

though i haven't notice people wearing them here (cause it's freaking cold now)♪( ´▽`) but they are everywhere in japanese blogs and magazines.

tokyo street snaps from tokyo fashion

have a look-out for them now ;
try them on ? (´・_・`)”

what do you think of them?