t.a.t.t.o.o + t.i.g.h.t.s = ?

when you mentioned getting a tattoo, usually it means getting inked right? ouch !; and into your skin. 

if you're only looking for temporary tattoos; 
you've got the choice to get it painted or airbrushed onto your skin.
you could go for that fun-sticker tattoo.

the reason i mentioned tattoo is because it's such a huge trends between young girls in japan recently ( *`ω´) and i believe the trend is spreading everywhere at the moment.

but no, not getting inked, but getting a pair of tights, percisely; a tattoo tight ( ・∀・)!

i embrace tattoo as an art myself and even had a slight study on it many years ago.

right now; this self-expression art had been transformed into a fashion trend.

i know they are people who either love it or hate it.
i personally don't hate this trend. 
but i was really surprised when i first saw it. 
never would i thought of this coming out.

first ; plain tight → color tights → patterned tights ...
and now → tattoo tight

i should have realized that anything is possible nowadays (o・ω・)ノ))

tattoo tights are mostly sheer in color, thickness could go as low as 15 denier i believe; in other words, they are quite fragile and delicate.


you could find them either in simple monochrome color;

the illustrations or words do really look surreal in a quick glance.


or if you are more interested in these intricate colorful ones. 

i actually found one (with no much pattern choices) while browsing around in target last month and yes, i bought it! (//∇//)”

though i haven't notice people wearing them here (cause it's freaking cold now)♪( ´▽`) but they are everywhere in japanese blogs and magazines.

tokyo street snaps from tokyo fashion

have a look-out for them now ;
try them on ? (´・_・`)”

what do you think of them?


  1. I think they look cool on Japanese girls, but I could hardly wear them, because I don't usually use minis (or skirts at all) :P

    However, they are nice to see on other people ^^

  2. shorts would do too!