S-I-Y ? Stud It Yourself !

stud-trend has been going on for a while.
you can see them on clothing, shoes, bags, accessories ... just anywhere.

i have always wanted to try this d-i-y and well,
it finally came true ! 

my first approach - ordered some studs online (i had got some silver pyramid studs and they're really cheap!)
got it on hand after a few weeks,


get started !

i have got this brand-new striking blue sweatshirt that looks so comfy but just too plain and boring to wear so i thought i would work on it. 
as a beginner, anything from t-shirts, tops, to lightweight denim would work just fine!

what you just need are (of course) 
studs & butter knife

you can play with the design by placing the studs around so that you know how you would like the final look to be. 
but i was just too excited and always prefer the final look to come out unpredictably so i skipped this part.

then , you can just easily poke the prongs of the studs through to the inside of the garment and press them down using the knife to hand them in place.

i used my fingers cause i find it easier (be careful !) 

however i did use the knife for the final touch and reinforcement

done !

 finished look 
another easy approach i did was on the collar.
collar-styling is literally wearing just the collar itself to spice up your outfits when you do not want to add extra layers or unwanted bulk.
you can create one too!
collars that are found on shirts (especially men's shirts) are preferred because they are stiffer and structural.
so, ask your daddy, boy-friends, or partners for their unwanted shirts!
and so,
i've got this men's shirt !
without hesistation, i cut the collar part out.
using the left-over studs, i decorate the collar.

effortlessly, you could replace your accessories into this collar-styling piece and make a statement too!
of course, if you prefer something else like pearls, beads whatsoever it;s up to you!
how easy and fun. 
and addictive !
confession : i just ordered more online ! gonna to do some more studding for my next collection!
studded : collar and sweat-shirt
 satisfaction (=Φ.̫Φ=)♡

~ inspiration ~ Edvard Munch

do you know edvard munch ?

The Scream, 1893
certainly you have seen or heard of this infamous piece of painting but some of you might not be aware of who the artist is.

the artist is edvard munch.
an norwegian artist who is known to be one of the most influential artist for expressionism movement;
also best known for his composition , the scream.

themes he covered in his paintings were usually quite emotional like life cycle, death, misery, anxiety and love. 

nevertheless, it was these (following) particular works that drawn me to him.

Woman in Three Stages, 1894

Women in Three Stages ;

representing a woman in her three stages of life;
conversely in a chronological order from left to right.

Red and White, 1894

The Dance of Life, 1900

the woman in white symbolizes purity, innocence

the woman in red represents  passion, love, happiness

the women in black, gazing jealously represents old age. 

these particular paintings are significance to me;
in terms of using my imagination and then interpreting and exploited them into the three stages/outfits for my Stranger to Ourselves collection.

(images courtesy from Edvard Munch)

Stranger to Ourselves ~ inspiration and concept images ~

these are my concept and ambiance books made in year 2007 for my third year collection ' Stranger to Ourselves '

i would like to re-present them to you.

about... Stranger to Ourselves

following the foundation of suspending dress
i then developed the concept of 'suspending' and put it into this later collection.

it was a collection based on two important themes - shadow and 
stages of life

shadow was implicated through the act of suspending and draping technique
the stages of life was linked through three colors of the collection - white, red and black which was inspired very much by the works of edvard munch (which i will talk briefly in the next post!)

concept images

arinakhoo stranger to ourselves

   first stage


     | experience | 

arinakhoo stranger to ourselves
arinakhoo stranger to ourselves

     second stage

        | passion |

arinakhoo starnger to ourselves

arinakhoo starnger to ourselves

           third stage


             | intimate |

behind my concept ~ shadow ~


have you ever notice the existence of your shadow ?

i can't remember how and why i came across it but i'm just so glad that i did.

it was during my second year.
we were given the freedom to choose-your-own theme/concept for your collection.
i was really struggling.

but i can't remember how and why i came across it but i'm just so glad that i did.

i could recall myself

wandering in the street trying to take like, hundreds shots of people's shadows;

standing in the sun trying to trace the movement of my own shadow;

straying myself in the library looking for and reading philosophy-theory books

those were the days .

☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆

have you heard of a classical story Peter Schlemihl, the man who lost his shadow?

if you like reading classical stories you might have read this.

here is the story if you haven't heard so.

Peter Schlemihl
(( One day, Peter, a poor boy is approached by a ‘grey man’ who makes a proposition with him. In exchanging a magic purse which will always be full of gold, Peter has to trade in his own shadow. Suddenly becoming wealthy, Peter also becomes unhappy. People are repulsed by him because he has deprived his shadow. Peter then had a chance to retrieve his shadow when the ‘grey man’ proposes another deal by having Peter’s soul on his death. Resists to do so, Peter then throws the magic purse away. He has saved his soul but lost his shadow. From that moment on, he lives in isolation.  ))

behind my concept

what is apparent to extract from this story is that the purpose of basing the representation on the shadow; turning its transition from unimportance to valuable. 

the shadow is an irremovable ‘prototype’ but undetectable for us. from this perspective, I looked into the concept of personal shadow of consciousness.  

the attitude and relationship between the shadow and its owner is significant. it is through the shadow that we could find and define our identity and embrace our body.  

shadow gives us weight and three dimensionality.

without shadow, we would become insubstantial. shadow is a stranger to us; but also a representation of our soul and the imperfections within us.

humans are not structural and available without shadow.

to discover individuation and what is important to us, i had applied shadow as a vital object that we are incapable to lose. 

attaching and suspending on our body to protect it, my garment is a very straightforward symbolization and expression of my thoughts and how we should tried to keep and hold on still to our shadows, not wanting to lose it ...


i had also exploited this story, applying it into my first original shadow concept 

- suspend -

arinakhoo suspending dress
suspending dress
i had create a dress itself as an implement for shadow.

arinakhoo suspending dress
suspending dress

... you are wearing your shadow

... you do not want to lose it.


the front hem was elongated, falling and laying like a shadow.
this long piece of fabric was intended to play the role of your
shadow ; then suspended (hanged) onto your body.

fun fact - it could actually work as a scarf couldn't it ?