S-I-Y ? Stud It Yourself !

stud-trend has been going on for a while.
you can see them on clothing, shoes, bags, accessories ... just anywhere.

i have always wanted to try this d-i-y and well,
it finally came true ! 

my first approach - ordered some studs online (i had got some silver pyramid studs and they're really cheap!)
got it on hand after a few weeks,


get started !

i have got this brand-new striking blue sweatshirt that looks so comfy but just too plain and boring to wear so i thought i would work on it. 
as a beginner, anything from t-shirts, tops, to lightweight denim would work just fine!

what you just need are (of course) 
studs & butter knife

you can play with the design by placing the studs around so that you know how you would like the final look to be. 
but i was just too excited and always prefer the final look to come out unpredictably so i skipped this part.

then , you can just easily poke the prongs of the studs through to the inside of the garment and press them down using the knife to hand them in place.

i used my fingers cause i find it easier (be careful !) 

however i did use the knife for the final touch and reinforcement

done !

 finished look 
another easy approach i did was on the collar.
collar-styling is literally wearing just the collar itself to spice up your outfits when you do not want to add extra layers or unwanted bulk.
you can create one too!
collars that are found on shirts (especially men's shirts) are preferred because they are stiffer and structural.
so, ask your daddy, boy-friends, or partners for their unwanted shirts!
and so,
i've got this men's shirt !
without hesistation, i cut the collar part out.
using the left-over studs, i decorate the collar.

effortlessly, you could replace your accessories into this collar-styling piece and make a statement too!
of course, if you prefer something else like pearls, beads whatsoever it;s up to you!
how easy and fun. 
and addictive !
confession : i just ordered more online ! gonna to do some more studding for my next collection!
studded : collar and sweat-shirt
 satisfaction (=Φ.̫Φ=)♡


  1. Wow! Your customized pieces are so amazing! I wish I could do things like that, but I'm too useless at manual work of any kind >_<


  2. Thanks! I am so sure you could do it too! It's quite easy even for a beginner ꒰(๑´•.̫ • `๑)꒱