Stranger to Ourselves ~ inspiration and concept images ~

these are my concept and ambiance books made in year 2007 for my third year collection ' Stranger to Ourselves '

i would like to re-present them to you.

about... Stranger to Ourselves

following the foundation of suspending dress
i then developed the concept of 'suspending' and put it into this later collection.

it was a collection based on two important themes - shadow and 
stages of life

shadow was implicated through the act of suspending and draping technique
the stages of life was linked through three colors of the collection - white, red and black which was inspired very much by the works of edvard munch (which i will talk briefly in the next post!)

concept images

arinakhoo stranger to ourselves

   first stage


     | experience | 

arinakhoo stranger to ourselves
arinakhoo stranger to ourselves

     second stage

        | passion |

arinakhoo starnger to ourselves

arinakhoo starnger to ourselves

           third stage


             | intimate |

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