~ like ~ Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals

my fashion style.
i considered myself quite diverse in choices;
either it be soft feminine or hard funky look

i was obsessed with punk years ago and chose to write a thesis about it back in my study years, now talked about vivienne westwood - the queen of punk (;_;)” 
(but i had never dressed like one.. even though i would like to, maybe someday?)

maybe those funky hard rock style is the inner part of me;
but i choose to dress up more to the feminine look, otherwise?

what's your style?


just a short post cause i wanna get back on track with my pattern cutting ♪( ´▽`)

i never am quite a sporty person in dressing up but i would love to have a few pieces of these from Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals.
nowadays, sportswear are usually taken to the edge through collaboration with designers

i admit that i had never paid much attention to designer Jeremy Scott but he does have exceptional amazing works and ideas.

2NE1 for Adidas Original campaign

it was 2NE1(a korean pop group that sing amazingly good and i would highly recommend too!) that got me back to him. 
they would occasionally dressed up in his designs and what's more - a collaboration recently where Jeremy Scott had taken inspiration from their flamboyant music, personality and styles.

2NE1 for Adidas Original campaign
2NE1 for Adidas Original campaign

1st Look Magazine X Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals
1st Look Magazine X Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals

not everyone can pull his design off, but that's not the case for 2NE1 ♪♪

check out an exclusive interview for NYLON JAPAN;
Jeremy Scott showing his collaboration collection with Adidas Originals; talking about his ideas and favorites.


do you like them too?

hope you have a lovely weekend ♪♪

(image courtesy from Adidas Original and 1st Look Magazine)

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