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introducing a japanese label HISUI

HISUI was founded in 1999. the designer behind this is Hiroko Ito, and to fortify her background; she had worked for Comme des Garçons before stepping out.

as much as i love draping, layering is one of my favorite too. Hiroko Ito was assumed to be one of the first japanese designers who explored the prominent mix and match layered look for a single garment today (you will get what it means by looking at her collections)

her collections are somehow casual but yet with a feminine approach; with sophisticated and delicate details and cutting.

here are some images picked (´・ω・`)” from her last three collections. these are all my favorites ♡

SS12 collection 'feeling of melting'
SS12 collection 'feeling of melting'

AW11 collection 'MIRROR'
long baggy chunky socks ( ・ั﹏・ั; )” is very typical in japanese girls styling. 
reminds me of my old days wearing this thick socks - tucking it into boots, over jeans or leggings... hehe, memories, haven't been wearing any of these for years! they are still in my closet back in Melbourne, gotta pack them up when i go back hmm..

AW11 collection 'MIRROR'

the bright colorful knitwear in the middle is to die-for (;゜0゜)”! and there is an image movie in the end of my post about this collection.

... and lastly from her 2011 SS collection

SS11 collection 'feel a sign'

SS11 collection 'feel a sign'

... video!
an image movie from her AW11 collection "MIRROR"
just such a great experience watching it.

"we can express the feeling of self movement from heart with clothing." HISUI

hope you enjoy and love this!

interested to see more of her works?
visit her website

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