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browsing my blog and realized how i have been neglecting it.

yes i have been mia from blogging, and wonder how i used to write at least a post each day.

just not so motivated recently. i am sorry.

it's getting creepily cold these few days; rainy and windy here in perth and yes i miss the sunny weather now. it's funny that when it's hot you are grumbling how you wished it's cold and vice versa. 



if you had read about my Théâtre de la Mode post
you would be quite familiar and amazed of this event that happened during the post-war in Paris.


here is another reference of recent designer who had adapted this idea conceptually.

sara flamm and christopher kelly established the label T d l M (Théâtre de la Mode) back in 2007 and showed their debut autumn/winter 2008 collection 'willows' in london through installation of miniature wooden mannequins; taking inspiration from this postwar couture. 

likewise, even the label name is directly linked.

it was indeed an innovative approach for them to adapt this concept in this modern era but how would they apply to show the difference between these dolls and the 1945's miniature dolls?


this is where we could see that they were not just any other ordinary dolls but with unique animal looks; so called 'creatures of the woodland'.

when it is rather common for us to imagine and perceive that  dolls do usually wear high-end fashion or extravagance outfits, they had transcended this value by putting on casual-wear and modern tailoring on these creatures.

willow autumn/winter 2008

willow autumn/winter 2008

undeniably, each dolls had developed distinctive characteristic and mood through the outfits.

additionally, presenting their collections in miniature was what they considered as a reminiscent of Théâtre de la Mode and a homage to the french couturiers. 

and not to forget that it provided us to take a new perspective and challenge of contemporary fashion.

fashion is not only about fashion but also a reflection of how the world is today - quite a statement of recent economic climate that make it difficult to survive in the (fashion) world.

if you are interested in the designer's recent work visit the website
currently, it's a menswear label ( i think sara flamm is no longer with the label) which is based in london.

have a great weekend !

(image courtesy from T d I M


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