D.I.Y ~ project one ~


was doing some wardrobe cleaning the other day (and that was like three months ago)
trashing some old unwanted clothes for donation.

and it was quite a big bag.

there were in fact a lot of ragged sweaters and shirts from my partner and so i decided to take them all and perhaps use them wisely instead ; aha.

d.i.y is just like giving another chance of life to these poor babies.

and finally.
last week i took them out from the cupboard where i kept them well before i decided to do some choppin'.

the weather has been turning really chilly and i wonder where has my autumn gone instead. and it is a good timing to transform them so i could wear for the cold days

【project 1】

men's long t-shirt


  an old basic t-shirts ...

customizing into

funky denim cut-outs cropped top !

: a brief-how-to :

1. put the shirt on in front of the mirror and make a mark using chalk, pin or marker on desired length (for cropped look). alternatively you can just fold and carefully take off the shirt so you don't lose the fold !  i did not add any extra length for finishes as i always preferred raw edges. 

2. do not take the shirt off ! you need to decide where you want to put the sleeve-patches on. just choose where you would love it to sit. in my case, i decided on the elbow. mark it.
3. lay the shirt flat on the table and cut off the extra hem. then, decide on how large you want your patches to be. you can draw the desire shape on a paper (i just use newspaper) and briefly put in on the shirt so you get an idea how it would look like. i cut out two 14cmX18cm for the front and two 7cmX31cm for the elbow. 

you don't have to follow mine since every shirt is different. a tip for the elbow patch is to measure the width of the sleeves + 2cm for seams.

4. lay your cut-out papers on any remnants (i strongly suggest knits or denim so you don't have to worry about doing the finishes or fraying issue) and cut them out. i had utilized my left-over cut out jeans and ripped them for the torn look.

4. once you decide on where they are going to sit, pin it and stitch the patches on using machine or hand-stitch it firmly. and you are done !

before and after

d.i.y outfit look  ♡

pairing with
⇒ d.i.y denim shorts (see how i transform a similar one here)
⇒ d.i.y cross necklace


  1. That's a very curious idea! Looks great on you :D


  2. thanks! you should try doing too !