D.I.Y ~ project two ~

and the weather is definitely chilling.

it's officially winter! 

another transformation today;

a way to freshen your wardrobe !
this is an incredible easy project to make yourself something out of worn clothes that you just got tired and feel uninspiring wearing them.

or modifying some boring basics to something trendy this season because you wouldn't want to spend that heavily buying it out from the store...

and yes that's because you know you could replica something similar easily with only a few dollars. 

and it's so much fun to use your creativity.

【project 2】

a worn out v neckline sweater

and turn it into ...

         studded elbow patched sweater

let's get started!

: a brief-how-to :

 the first few steps would be very similar to the previous diy.

1. wear your sweater. make a mark using chalk, pin or marker on where you would like your elbow patch to be in front of the mirror.

2. then you need to decide if you like your neckline (ha!)if not, draw your desired neckline - whether if it's just a little trim or chop off. my sweater has a v-neckline and i just don't wear v neck that much so i am going to chop it off to something like a crew neck.

3. lay the shirt flat on the table and decide on how large you want your patches to be. you can draw the desire shape on a paper (i just use newspaper) and briefly put in on the shirt so you get an idea how it would look like. i wanted to go for an oblong shape this time so i cut out a square around 13cmX13cm from the paper then fold it in half and draw a curve line around the edge. cut along the curve line and you have your pattern ready.

4. lay your cut-out papers on any remnants (i suggest other kind of knits or denim so you don't have to worry about doing the finishes or any fraying issue) and cut them out. i had utilized my left-over cut out jeans from my old d.i.y again.

5. pin the patches in place and stitch the patches on using machine or hand-stitch it firmly. and you are done with the patches!

6. let's go along with the studs. lay your sweater flat and decide where you want the studs to be. play around until you are satisfied. i kept mine symmetrical and just alternating in height. once you are done, use a chalk or pen to mark where the studs are going to sit. please refer to my old diy to learn how to stud.

7. DONE and ready to be worn! YAH!

before and after

d.i.y outfit look  ♡

i made this quite a while ago and have been wearing it a few times but never got to take a proper photo of it, so i apologize for the poor images.

in vain

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  1. That's a pretty cool idea! Looks great on you :)