D.I.Y denim cutoffs

it's been a while.
i am sorry that i have been quite reluctant to write a post nowadays.

jeans are versatile. 
jeans are must have.

it's still summer here.
there's one thing about me.
i don't wear jeans during summer.
well i used to.
but not for the past few years. 

i wear shorts a lot for summer.

there was a urge to do some diy last week.

some old pairs of unwanted jeans and turn them into something wearable in this heat.

it's a really quick and easy diy.

i have got these worn out men's jeans (just for the comfort)but you can get whatever jeans you want; please note that loose fit are preferred.

you just need a pair of scissor to do the transformation!

you can try the jeans on and   mark your desire hemline or use your favourite pair of shorts as a template.
once marked, draw a slanted line (leaving the inseam longer than the side one)

i decided to cut it free hand but it should looked like the photo- the hemline in an angle.

fold the jeans to mirror your hemline and cut the other side.

i forgot to take the photo but i will try to explain.

you want to create a slightly round angle on the front.

cut about 2.5cm or more (as you desire) on the side seam, then we move on and cut towards the inseam at a round angle. now the front would be shorter than the back.

this way you have got the lovely details of the pocket peeking out too!

this is not an necessary step but if you have an unpicker, you can run the unpicker through the hemline to create the frayed look.

if you don't, don't worry. 

wash the shorts and you will eventually get the look.

more details on the shorts.

i have studs on hand so i decided to do some studding.

you can do whatever you want; leave it plain cause it looks as good.

finished look!

here is another pair of jeans being transformed.

these shorts will be on sale at my facebook page so if you would love to have these, please visit my shop!


  1. Wow! You did a really good job! ^^


  2. thank you for the compliment! hehe =)