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it's the third day of may.
fourth day of the week !
what had i done ?
did some sewing yesterday.
gonna continue some hand-stitching after this (´・ω・`)
i have been so lacked of blogging for the past few days


introducing ♪♪

                          wakatsuki chinatsu 
                            若槻       千夏
april 2012

april 2012
a short introduction;

chinatsu is a japanese artist who used to act and sing but now active as a model and producer for her own clothing brand wc

multi-talented indeed.

i used to see her in tv shows back during my stay in japan, i think that's when i know her. she is funny, cute. (*゚▽゚*)

but never a deep impression until lately.

she has her own column in some japanese magazines introducing her fashion and coordinates; and that's what took my interest on her.

i just love her styles.

she has one of those quirky styling from head to toe;
likewise she could just pull any looks off (*´▽`*)

here are some which i had collated;
different coordination;
all my favourites ♪ 

→ → →
① white skirt
left to right : March  April  Feb 2012
this look is laid back wearing hard-textured (denim, sweater, jumper) on top and a soft-flowing bottom.

② maxi skirt X sweatshirts
left to right : Oct 2011  Jan 2012  Nov 2011

you can find her a lot in this typical style for autumn-winter-look. baggy; oversized and how comfy.

③ cardi X casual
Feb 2012
how relaxed in a cardi.

④ decorative sweaters
left to right : Oct 2011 Mar 2012
i love these sweaters (≧∇≦)”  don't you ?

⑤ black X chic
left to right : April 2011 Dec 2011

she could be really chic sometimes too.
conquering the black look with accessories.

⑥ denim X denim
left to right : April 2012 Feb 2011
rocking with denim on denim.
the trick with this trend is making sure to balance both the fabric weights and the washes of the denim.

⑦ drapery vest
left to right : May 2011 Spet 2011

this particular piece is one of my favourite from her wardrobe.
just caught my eyes at first glance.
the drapery vest minus the fur.

⑧ girlish
left to right : July 2011 May 2012
sometime very feminine; 
with just simple pieces and minimal accessorizing.

⑨ vintage-look inspired
June 2011

i know that she has a love-for-vintage where she would fly overseas for their flee markets, not sure if she still does that.
this piece is actually from her own production line.

April 2012

now i have overloaded this post with photos (´∀`)

most of the items she put on are actually from her own production line, which i think could only be purchased in japan (;_;)”

hope you find her styles inspiring as well.

have a good day

(image courtesy from wakatsuki's blog)

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