~ like ~ Tim Walker part II

remember Tim Walker ?
read my old post about him if you haven't ( ´∀`)

here are some other works he did back in 2011 that i love to share

Audrey Marnay, UK, 2011

if you have been reading my blog, i guess you know i'm pretty obsessed with doll-theme  ... and that's what he did for these  amazing images !

Audrey Marnay, UK, 2011
Audrey Marnay, UK, 2011

Kirsi Pyrhonen, UK, 2011

Audrey Marnay, UK, 2011
Audrey Marnay and Kirsi Pyrhonen, UK, 2011


as i mentioned before, i wrote a thesis during my last year in uni examining the elements represented by the dolls and mannequins through the relationship with fashion and through our hands.

i strongly believe that dolls have become a conceptual response of men's desire and also a symbol of life.

for example,
you can see how Tim Walker had adapted and emphasized these patterns into his works above.

women and mannequins are blurred and overlapped by human imagination; filled with endless doubts and uncertainties.

fashion has always been reflecting on the construction of ideas around the body and its display. nonetheless, only a good photograph could convey this message - most apparently through the styling and presentation.

... .... blurred and confused; indirect but related - which is living and which is lifeless ?

hope you like it ♪♪

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