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just a blink and august's here !

what have i been doing  ?

i tend to get so-not-motivated when winter's here and i just can't wait for spring to visit.

i found these totally amazing, out-of-the-ordinary bags that i wished i had one.

 now, for your peek-a-boo ♥

Explorer collection ~ Play Harder ~

what's your first impression? ʕु•̫͡•ʔुʔ•̫͡•ཻʕʕु•̫͡•ʔ

just the amalgamation of illustration + photography right?

i really thought so but i was wrong (´・ω・`)

and yes, i have to convince myself that they are actually REAL.

this is just so cool ――――(゚∀゚)――――

the idea behind these handbags came from two Taiwanese girls who at first; imagining a two-dimensional hand-drawn illustration coming to life as a real handbag, then; explored and turn impossibility into possibility !

 JumpFromPaper™ collections


these bags have bold outlines along with bright funky colors; they appeared to be something you could draw easily using copic markers.


what i also love about them is the labels they created for the bags.

with three collections currently in-store, each bags have their own individual names with messages/wordings along.

Charmer collection ~ Ready to fall for my charm? ~


I’d like a piece of sunshine and a cup of daydreams for breakfast.

Explorer collection ~ I am ready to meet the unimaginable and discover the unknown ~


Those days we fought for her heart.


Break away from boredom and routine!

Roamer collection ~ Wander around the world at my pace ~


I decide how I see the world.

and this limited edition travel bag !

Travel Fever

I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way!

these bags (large, slim and with limited interior space) might not be as practical as a normal bag (large and roomy) where you could just throw anything into it ...

Explorer collection ~ Travel Bag ~

well, actually...                  
you can still chuck quite a lot


i still think they totally rock ♪♪

Afternoon Tea

do you ?

if you would love to own one, you can grab them online easily or visit one of their stores around multiple countries.

hope you enjoy  (・x・)

(images courtesy from JumpFromPaper™)

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