my dolls

it's almost the end of may.

it's (usually) officially winter here in june.
the weather is getting chiller indeed.
i have been busy sewing and so the lack of blogging.( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ 

i was browsing through my old hard disc and found some very old works of mine. ( ´ ▽ ` )

here is a picture of a porcelain doll i have. i found her when browsing in a second-hand shop. i can't really remember but i bought her home for $20 i think. 

she is huge, almost like a size of a teenager. i had even given her a name. she is now being kept inside the closet back in melbourne, and i felt sorry about that.

well it was intentionally for a collection of mine based on tailoring. i put on a tailored jacket on her and that's what inspired me for the collection. sadly, i couldn't recall what the collection was called.

my doll
sketches of the collection
around the same time, i bought another smaller doll back home too. this time was for another small project. 

i remember how my friend who went hunting with me said that she could see a smile on the doll's face when i picked her up. believe it or not. hehe.

i had chosen the word 'abandoned' and so i bought her into play.

a doll.

you love her. you play with her. time goes. you got tired of her. you left her. you threw her away.

i wished i did better with the design and photoshop thing; looking back at it now.

hope you don't get too irritated looking at these images. 

i'm sorry if you do. (´゚Д゚`)

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