~ like ~ Yuken Teruya part II

continuing from my previous post ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 
here is another project done by yuken teruya.

                   the giving tree project 


the giving tree book
this project surrounds itself around a children's book - the giving tree by shel silverstein, published in 1964.

giving tree project, the giving tree book, 2007

yuken teruya transplanted his beautiful cut-out trees into the pages from the book; creating a child's memory and desire as well as giving life to the tree in the book.

giving tree project, the giving tree book, 2007
i had a search on the story, vague memory that i actually read it before, perhaps ? 
it is beautifully written but very sad, like it's title - giving is the theme, not forgetting to mention love, life, growing up and selfishness.

here is an animated movie narrated by shel silverstein himself if you're interested to watch (i would recommend it) 

oh and his animated website is a must-visit ♪♪
there are actually other animated stories if you wanna watch ♪

enjoy ♥

it's raining crazily here nowadays, windy autumn. cold! (´Д` )

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