more to come!

when i was writing the posts about dolls

thoughts just arose 
back to my study days
staring at the computer, sitting in the library
looking through books after books

finding designers and artists that influenced and inspired me
to textualize my works

lots of those information were long lost due to the crash of my computer (now that's what happened when you depend everything on it!)

some were saved to my hard disc (lucky)and i actually brought it along with me from Mel to Perth!

flipping through folders after folders, pictures after pictures that i almost forget

i would like to share them with you too
here is one to go

Man Ray (1890-1976)was a Modernist artist best known for his photography. He played a main role in the Dada and Surrealist movements.

“I do not photograph nature. I photograph my visions." Man Ray

Man Ray, Black and White, 1926

Black and White, 1926
"The same sleep and the same dream, the same mysterious magic seem to unite across time and space these two female masks with closed eyes: one of which was created at some point in time by an African sculptor in black ebony, the other, no less perfect, made up yesterday in Paris."  
(text derived from http://www.all-art.org)

please stay tuned for more if you have been liking what i posted!


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