~ like ~ Tim Walker

i just came across this amazing photographer recently , i should had discovered him years ago instead!

Lily and spiral staircase, India, 2005

the dress, lamp tree, England, 2002

Tim Walker is a London based fashion photographer who has established himself at the cutting edge of fashion photography. 

Kristen Mcmenamy, UK, 2011

Olga Sherer, England, 2007

his images are very inspiring, imaginative and evoking using stunning sets and themes; telling a story and capturing moments

Scarlett Johansson as Tipi Hendren from Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds', USA, 2010

by the way, have you watch Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' before ?(゚-゚)  it's a 1963 suspense movie which i watched maybe around 9 or 10 years ago? it's actually quite remarkable and i wouldn't mind recommending watching. even now, a sight of black crows would just remind me of that movie. ((・⊥・))

Lily Cole and giant pearls, England, 2004

for these images,it's quite obvious how he likes to play with proportions and collages; blurring the lines between the subjects and the secondary

Coco Rocha and giant glove, London, 2006

Lily Cole and giant watering can, 2004

sometimes juxtaposing the subject with what seems quite deviant but yet so magnificent; captivating the beauty and even the smallest details i would say,

Lily Cole, earthquake damage, India, 2005

Lily Cole on old Vogue covers, London, 2004

Tim Walker creates absolutely original photographs.

(images courtesy of Tim Walker Photography website)

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