~ inspiration ~ Madame Grès

Evening gown with peplum, 1940,
Madame Grès (French, 1903–1993)

Evening gown, 1954
Madame Grès (French, 1903–1993)

The designer that influenced me the most is Madame Grès.
Not many people know about her but she was one of the most influential designer since the thirties
(i believe!) who dedicated her whole life to perfect the art of draping and pleating.
For Grès, pleating was a means of fitting a garment without pattern-shaping and seaming. She tried to avoid the cutting of fabric and relied on pleating and draping to achieve the shaping of her garments.

my experimental work around 2009

Now if you noticed, i am always trying to adapt her practice in my designs, approaching in through my original method. The picture above was one of my experimental work during my school day using pleating to achieve the fit of a garment. I would like to do similar design again soon. However, I had applied this technique indeed, to my collection Stranger to Ourselves. If you are interested, visit my other blog to view

nana (・x・)


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  2. welcome leehaeju!
    timeless pieces aren't they?

    hope you find it useful.
    did you know about her at all?